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Fulvio Degrassi


Fulvio Degrassi

Fulvio Degrassi

Degrassi & Partners

Member of the Association of Chartered Accountants in Trieste since 1984, he founded Degrassi & Partners in the same year. Among other qualifications, he is also auditor and Court’s Technical Consultant.

He has a degree in Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Law as well as a Master degree in “internationalization of companies” from N.I.B.I. 

From 1993 to 1997 he assumed the charge of Vice President of the Board of Accountants of Trieste and member of the State Examination Commission for the qualification of the profession of Public Accountants. He was also President of I.S.D.E.E. (Regional institution and documentation on EU and Eastern Europe). His main fields of

activity are the internationalization of companies, especially in Eastern Europe and Middle-East and North African Countries. He still performs this activity in his quality of President of the Management Committee of ACB International, a dedicated asset of ACB Group Sviluppo S.p.A.

He is founder of Demetra Corporate Advisors Ltd., a Maltese company providing assistance and support to companies in the drafting of business plans, control of the Corporate Governance structure and advice in the application form for the admission to PROSPECTS MTF of Malta Stock Exchange. Nevertheless, Demetra offers consultancy services related to internationalization of companies, both in the European countries and in the Mediterranean basin.

At present, one of his main fields of interest and high specialization is the trust for assets protection and, other financial instruments for companies.

He is President of the Board of Auditors in many companies, and has also been President in companies listed in the Italian Stock Exchange; member of the supervisory bodies in banking institutions, Foundations and Italian companies operating abroad or companies set up by public capital.